We understand the importance of family safety and personal protection. This is why we strive on providing the best personal protection dogs and the best training to our clients. The experience of being able to bring a canine companion to an individual or new family is priceless. All of the canines we provide are friendly, capable of being social with other animals, and good with kids. Once adapted to their homes, they become great protectors and members of the family. 

Personal Protection dogs

why PPD

Family Protection Dogs

what our clients say

"I used Jake for some protection and sport work with my Malinois. He's a very difficult dog to decoy for being a large leg dog with high defense. I'm really pleased with how Jake worked with him. And he has issues we were working through regarding conflict on the bite/out, his wasn't easy decoy work. He's one of two decoys in the Austin area I will trust to work my dogs at all."
Christina Potts
"We purchased a Level II family protection dog from Precision K9 Work in the summer of 2017. Jake delivered exactly what he said he would and exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with our purchase and with Jake."
Dustin Williamson
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"Jake is an amazing and super patient handler. I’m new to K9 sports and I have seen my dog progress in strides just being a sponge to all of his advice and training techniques! Highly recommend it to anyone for simple pet obedience or advanced sports. They also have great clubs that meet weekly."
Anthony Garrant
"Jake is such a great trainer. He knows how to work with my German Shepherd and he can always give good advice on correcting some behaviors. At the end of the day, it’s not just training for the dog, but more importantly for the owners. We’ve got the protection training. And I’m very pleased with the result. My dog Marley adores Jake. I will definitely recommend him to my friends."
Fiona Poulos


A dog is the best addition to any family. Behind that soft fluff and lovable face is a pair of ever-watchful eyes. Our dogs are backed with the decision-making capability and elite training to defend you and your family in a split second. With a PPD dog, you can count on your newest member of the family to be highly loving and affectionate with impeccable manners and obedience. PPD dogs aren’t just a pet, they are an integral member of your household.


A common misconception is that a protection dog is an aggressive dog. However, that is far from true!
PPD dogs are first and foremost dogs – animals that are gentle, and loving, and display a very stable temperament. At PPD, we would never place a dog in your home that we didn’t feel 100% safe with in our own homes and around our children.

a protection dog always has your back

Unlike a firearm, your protection dog cannot be used against you. It is taught to only listen to commands coming from you and no one else. In event of a threat, your protection dog has your back no matter what. They were raised for this. They were bred for this. Not only does your dog love you but it loves to protect you! The relationship with a PPD is unlike any other. We know you’ll feel the same way.