Training for Protection

At PPD, our protection dog training is specialized in teaching dogs to protect their owners or property from perceived threats. Our training focuses on developing the dog’s natural instincts to protect and defend and channeling those instincts in a controlled and predictable manner.

Having a personal protection dog can provide a sense of security and peace of mind. Rest easy, knowing that your dog is trained to protect you and your property.


A Level 1 Protection Dog is a dog that has undergone basic protection dog training and is capable of being a deterrent to potential threats. As a result, this type of dog is trained to bark or growl on command, and to exhibit controlled aggression when necessary. The dog learns to respond to specific commands and to differentiate between everyday situations and potential threats. Additionally, they’ll know to protect their handler without causing too much physical harm to the threat.


A Level 2 Protection Dog is a dog that has undergone advanced protection dog training. This dog is capable of providing a higher level of security and protection.┬áTypically, they’re trained to respond to a wider range of commands and to exhibit more advanced protective behaviors. This includes detecting and responding to specific threats, such as intruders or attackers. Lastly, are also trained to remain calm and focused in high-stress situations and to provide a physical barrier between their handler and any potential threats.
protection Dog Training
protection Dog Training
level 1 protection Dog
protection Dog Training

Socialization: The first step in protection dog training is to socialize the dog. This involves exposing them to a variety of people, animals, and environments so that they become comfortable and confident in a range of situations.

Obedience training: Next, we teach the dog basic obedience commands. This includes sit, stay, come, and heel. These are essential for building a strong foundation of communication between the dog and its handler.

Bite work: Once the dog has mastered basic obedience, they are taught to bite on command. This involves teaching the dog to grip firmly onto the person they are biting. Afterward, we will also train the dog to release the bite on command. Read the pros and cons of a dog who knows how to bite on command here.

Scenario training: In this stage, the dog is exposed to different scenarios that simulate real-life situations. In this phase, is where they may need to protect their owner or property. Additionally, these scenarios can include simulated attacks, intruders, or other perceived threats.

Controlled aggression: The final stage of protection dog training involves teaching the dog to exhibit controlled aggression. This means that the dog should be able to switch between being calm and obedient and being alert and protective. Read more about protection dogs and commonly asked questions here.

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