frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, a personal protection dog is trained differently than a police or military k9. All of our dogs at PPD are social, stable, and only react toward threats. Not all dogs are capable of protection work which is why they are tested as early as 9-15 weeks old. The dogs that make the cut begin training soon after, learning what they will see later with prey, to prepare them for their future jobs.

Our fully trained protection dogs vary in price. Each dog is trained specific to the client based on their needs/wants. Our dogs are priced between $30,000 – $45,000. When it comes to a dog for protection we must have the best. We are selecting the best bloodlines, the best training practices, and the best trainers. Often times, the dogs are imported or we are traveling to test new dogs coming into our program. Once a dog is chosen, we treat them like family, as if they were our own. While we are aware this is on the lower end for a protection dog, we believe in our training program and know that it is truly one of the best deals you can get. We guarantee a perfectly fit dog for your family.

Yes. However, at PPD we must ensure our dogs are the right fit for a client. This is why we need to understand the clients protection expectations and needs before we select the right dog.

We primarily work with the German shepherd and Belgian malinois breed. Both breeds are intelligent, athletic, loyal, and willing to protect with the right training.

Absolutely. We guarantee health and training. Each sold protection dog has a health guarantee. If the dog is found to have genetic health issues, it is replaced. We will also continue to work with the client at no additional cost if the training hasn’t been met.