We don’t just train your dog to bite and protect. We teach your dog how to love your family and be a normal dog, too.


We don’t just train your dog to bite and protect. We teach your dog how to love your family and be a normal dog, too.


Owner and Head Trainer, Jake Wright, started Precision Protection Dogs in 2014 but his passion for canine theory started when he served our country. Jake was a Field Mechanic for the Marines from 2009-2014. This is where he saw how amazing and well-trained a canine could be and what they are capable of. Right then, he knew he wanted to make that into a career. 

Starting with training his own dog, this quickly grew to him training family and friends dogs. With overwhelming success, came the birth of Precision Protection Dogs.

PPD stands out, by starting with the understanding that every Precision K9 Protector must first be family-friendly and great with kids. Instead of training our dogs in a military or law enforcement-style facility, we do most of our training in a home environment, incorporating family situations to their training from day one.

We pride ourselves in working side by side with your family and promise to honor your privacy and security as we would our own.


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Protection Dogs Sold


Protection Dogs Sold


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our training experience

General obedience commands for all dogs. This would include sit, down, recall, walking on a leash, place, and behavior modification to have a well mannered dog. Read more on how we train our dogs for protection, here.

The experience for protection sports association. This sport is designed to test the dog and the handler as a team. Dogs are judged on based  their obedience, bite work, apprehensive skills (chasing down a decoy on command). A lot of the exercises in this sport are divulged from personal protection scenarios.

Sport originally designed for German Shepards for police.

Supplied dogs to law-enforcement for dual purpose K9s (criminal apprehension and drug detection.) As well as single purpose K9s for drug detection only.

Being a certified decoy in the sport of PSA is more than jumping in a suit and letting a dog bite you. It’s testing the dog and holding them to the standard of the sport. As a decoy, it’s crucial that dogs are caught safely while using proper technique. This requires being in shape physically and mentally. Physical fitness and proper technique are part of passing the requirement to become a certified PSA decoy.

We are licensed in the state of Texas to train and sell protection dogs. What does this mean? We are technically a private security company and all of our employees must go thought an FBI background check.

what our clients say

"I used Jake for some protection and sport work with my Malinois. He's a very difficult dog to decoy for being a large leg dog with high defense. I'm really pleased with how Jake worked with him. And he has issues we were working through regarding conflict on the bite/out, his wasn't easy decoy work. He's one of two decoys in the Austin area I will trust to work my dogs at all."
Christina Potts
"We purchased a Level II family protection dog from Precision K9 Work in the summer of 2017. Jake delivered exactly what he said he would and exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with our purchase and with Jake."
Dustin Williamson
"Jake is an amazing and super patient handler. I’m new to K9 sports and I have seen my dog progress in strides just being a sponge to all of his advice and training techniques! Highly recommend it to anyone for simple pet obedience or advanced sports. They also have great clubs that meet weekly."
Anthony Garrant
"Jake is such a great trainer. He knows how to work with my German Shepherd and he can always give good advice on correcting some behaviors. At the end of the day, it’s not just training for the dog, but more importantly for the owners. We’ve got the protection training. And I’m very pleased with the result. My dog Marley adores Jake. I will definitely recommend him to my friends."
Fiona Poulos

We Hope You Never Need Your Precision Protection Dog

We really do. The types of situations these dogs are tasked with managing can be scary. Having an animal capable of, and trained to provide you with a strong line of defense is intimidating. This is why we don’t just train your dog to accept and love your family, we help your family adjust to their canine companion friend as well.

Through in-home training sessions, Precision K9 will work with you to integrate your new protector into your family environment and teach you everything you need to know to interact with these wonderful animals, whether as the family pet, or when putting them to work as an active line of defense against outside threats. We don’t just deliver your dog, we help make them a member of your family.